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10 Gifts For Those Who Love a Little Tipple

10 Gifts For Those Who Love a Little Tipple

Posted by Steven Parker on

Christmas is looming and with it comes the daunting task of finding that fun and quirky gift for the important people in your life. You already know that they enjoy a tipple (or two) but to help swerve you away from the trusted ‘bottle of something’ into more imaginative territory we’ve put together a top ten alternative list of presents to make them smile.

Bottle Loft

 Bottle Loft

Free up space in your festive-laden fridge with these clever fridge storage strips. Each strip features three super-strong neodymium magnets which secure your favorite tipple to the ceiling of your refrigerator. This fantastic idea will see your bottles hanging out in their own cool loft that might make the orange juice jealous. Buy it here: £28.75 



K2 Smart ThermometerK2 Smart Wine Thermometer
Stop Press! We’ve all been drinking our wine    incorrectly for years and missing out on the great flavour.
Don’t worry though, K2 have come to the rescue with a fantastic smart wine thermometer which monitors the core temperature of your bottle, wherever it is, and uses a simple colour indicator to let you know the perfect time to enjoy your wine. It’s all linked to your phone and does everything bar drinking the wine for you!
Buy it here £39.95 



On The Rocks

On The Rocks

If your relatives enjoy the finer things in life then this is the perfect present.

This nifty set allows you to serve your drinks on actual rocks from New England beaches. The unique granite discs are ideal for chilling aged spirits such as whiskey or scotch, because they won't dilute the complex flavours like ice does.

Buy the set here £27.25 






Welcome Mat

Great as a gift, or to adorn your own home this cheeky mat is certain to make visitors smile as they arrive at your door.

Made from tufted coconut fibre, it is professionally dyed and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The perfect Christmas present for the Prosecco lovers in your life!

Buy it here £19.99










Conundrum Wine Decanter

Gone are the days of the boring decanter – the Conundrum is specially designed to disperse the wine over a larger surface area and to aerate and oxygenate the wine. According to the experts this brings out the best and correct notes from your favourite grape. Obviously we all love beautiful design and this decanter certainly delivers with easy hold ergonomics and sleek curves.

Buy it here £34.99


Wine Bag

Wine In A Bag

We have to admit that this made us smile! Who wouldn’t want wine in a bag? It’s genius. Designed by Tracey Luebbers this stylish tote discreetly holds a boxed wine bag, and the attached spout lets you serve up your drinks on the go!

There’s also ample interior room for your wallet, phone, and even travel wine glasses!

Buy it here – price dependent on bag 



Wine O'Clock

With this great gift it’s always ‘Wine O’Clock’ and at Christmas time we don’t need a better excuse than that to pour a glass of our favourite beverage.

Designed as vintage playing cards the clock is double mounted with cream and black inside a black box frame, making it a fun addition to any wine-lovers kitchen.

Buy it here £75



Wine Pairing Towels

Become a master sommelier with these easy-to-follow organic cotton tea towels. Perfect for those who are new to the world of wine but comprehensive enough to please the palate of any seasoned oenophile, these towels are certainly a great stocking filler.

Drying dishes has never been so insightful!

 Buy the set here £21



Cork Placeholders

Finish off your Christmas table decorations in style with these cork name placeholders.

Each cork features a card slot and a flat base ensuring that they stay in place for as long as the wine is still flowing. Sold as a set of eight pieces they are the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts as well as hosts and hostesses with the most – ess.

 Buy the set here £15

Dinosaur Bottle Opener

It’s a bottle opener in the shape of a dinosaur! What could be better than that? Made from heavy weight cast iron this dinosaur makes opening bottles extinct! Don’t worry though, he won’t escape from the box as he’s beautifully gift boxed ready to give to your Jurassic loving pals.

Buy it here £25


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