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2019 here we come!

2019 here we come!

Posted by Steven Parker on

2018, what an amazing year!

We’d love to say a massive thank-you to the rapidly growing Kelvin community all over the world.

If you happen to be in one of the few places where we don’t have distribution yet, rest assured that we are most likely talking to someone that can help us take Kelvin to your market-place already.

We are particularly happy and excited about our big Paris launch (February 2019), turns out the French know quite a bit about wine (who knew?)

Paris, of course, is where the Kelvin K2 is currently being proudly displayed at Musée des Arts et Métiers as a cutting-edge, modern, measuring-device to contrast their amazing historical inventions and exhibits.  We were ecstatic to be asked to participate.

We would like to make a couple of apologies; 

Firstly, to those who were unable to purchase a K2 in early December as a result of the huge spike in demand that we experienced due to our inclusion in 'The Best Tech Gifts for 2018' in The Telegraph 'Christmas Shopping Guide'.  We were delighted to have been included alongside other start-ups (like Nest for example)!  We are pretty sure that we have managed to get everyone their Kelvins in time for Christmas Day (but I can’t deny, it was close!).

Secondly, to those Android users that may have been affected by the continued curve-balls that Google have been throwing at us, over the last year (just like any other Bluetooth peripheral manufacturer). We’ve managed to stay one step ahead and to date every user that has contacted us has gone away fully connected and hopefully happy.  If you do happen to be caught up with any connection issues do get in touch and we will genuinely try to respond as quickly as we can, as it is really important to us that your Kelvin experience is as good as possible.

 Link to contact us: 

We're looking forward to even more serious growth in 2019 and hoping to bring the gift of wine at the right temperature to as many people in the world as we can.  I think 'The Telegraph' summed up the Kelvin K2 quite nicely …

 “If you speak to an expert they’d tell you that drinking your wine at the right temperature completely changes the flavour.  This smart thermometer fits around your wine bottle and alerts you when it’s perfect to drink.”


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