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A wine journey down the (Margaret) River

A wine journey down the (Margaret) River

Posted by Steven Parker on

Recently I have been hearing lots of interesting things on the grape vine (pun definitely intended) from wine influencers all around the world talking about different wines from Margaret River, Western Australia.  From Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to Shiraz, all being recommended by a few of my favourite influencers who have really helped me enjoy my wine-learning journey and over-all tasting experience.


All of my wine Twitter ‘Rock Stars’ will encourage you to venture lots of wines of different origins, old world to new, depending on their non-biased opinions (I’m not talking about so-called wine critics, but about wine enthusiasts who only tweet about wines they themselves have thoroughly enjoyed).  Whether they be wines from Italy, Spain, France, Chile, South Africa, Austria, Israel or Australia, or even smaller or lesser-known areas such as Bulgaria, Wales, Croatia or Great Britain, it’s a fascinating adventure, as are the stories behind all these wonderful vineyards and their vines.


Margaret River, I am discovering, produces some marvellous new world wines.  My 22-year-old daughter has, up until very recently, been pruning vines on a vineyard there (part of the Australian Government’s Three Month Agricultural Work Scheme which enables young travellers to earn a second year’s Visa to remain in the country for another 12 months after the first Visa has expired).  The end of the pruning season ended for her team on the 7th September, so, for me, it is very topical and of great interest indeed.  From seeing the daily WhatsApp photos of the vineyard and the protective gear that has to be worn, the friendly wild life (in particular a galah called Tu Tu), an impressive praying mantis and an extremely big, hairy arachnid (we think a non-life-threatening huntsman), I feel I am gleaning a good feel for Margaret River, living vicariously through my beloved, much-missed daughter.

So each and every time I hear Margaret River mentioned, it grabs my interest and the wine that is being suggested goes immediately to the top of my “to investigate list” – and pretty promptly into my glass.


Each wine will be chilled to the temperature recommended by the wine producers themselves, with the help of my trusty Kelvin K2 of course, and I study the tasting notes on the app (written and provided by our own ‘Rock Star’ of Wine) and the suggested food pairings, which I use to assist me in the supermarket.


I am soooo far from a wine professional, but I am fully enjoying the fantastic advice they have provided, while at the same time learning that I love some of the wines that I had previously, mistakenly, written off, - or never even heard of!  So to all those great influencers who inspire me on my wine-learning journey  -  Bottoms Up!


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