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Probably the most famous Master of Wine in the world.

Probably the most famous Master of Wine in the world.

Posted by Steven Parker on

We love Jancis Robinson, so much so in fact that her quote is the very first you read on our Home Page.  We totally agree with Jancis that temperature is the key to enjoying any wine to it's fullest and I would encourage everyone to read the rest of the article and benefit from her words of wisdom.  Jancis even mentions that she is not a fan of (conventional) wine thermometers but of course the article was written in 2009, long before the invention of Kelvin Duo or K2 that make serving your wine at the perfect temperature simple and fun.  Along with Kelvin comes a fantastic education about wine temperature and you will soon learn the difference it can make.  Here is a little more from the article and the link is below.

"Reds served too warm can taste soupy and flat. Even if you feel they are on the cool side when you pour them, they tend to warm up fast in the glass. If they need encouragement, warm hands round the bowl of a glass can be remarkably effective. Or, if you need to warm a seriously cool red in a hurry, pour it into a decanter that has been rinsed out with hot water."

"Perhaps a more common problem is how and how much to chill white wine and champagne. I have certainly plunged bottles into deep freeze cabinets to cool them in a hurry. I have also of course forgotten them and discovered them only when the cork has been forced out by a chunk of expensive ice."


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