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Who knew? (We did).

Who knew? (We did).

Posted by Steven Parker on

Since coming up with the idea of Kelvin, we have had the ability to taste our wines at their intended serving temperatures, unleashing an entirely new flavour experience. Whether it be our cheap and cheerful 'go to' super market purchase or an expensive 'gifted' bottle, be it red or white.  So I love it when experts endorse how crucial serving temperature is to your wine enjoyment and over all pleasure.

"Experts maintain drinking red wine at higher temperatures robs it of its finesse and flavour."  "Temperature is vital to ensure wine is enjoyed at its best."

"Drinking a glass of riesling or other whites poured straight from the fridge can mask flavours and aromas and make the acid more pronounced."

"I wouldn't be tempted to go above 18C, even for a Barolo or a Bordeaux red.  Apart from chunky wines like these, you can chill pretty much anything red to 14C." Tim Atkin

Quotes from a great article in the Guardian that deals with both ends of the spectrum of too warm to too cold and here is the link to check it out for yourselves.


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