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Don't just take our word for it

"I'm someone who has always believed in serving wine at its ideal temperature, but, WOW, what a huge difference Kelvin makes in the way wines express themselves!"

- Jesse Becker - Master Sommelier - San Francisco

"VERY COOL, Kelvin shows you how to perfectly chill your wine and where it should be.  It’s the new digital way of keeping track of your wine and this thing will ensure that you are drinking it at the right temp.  It's great, a great Christmas gift!"

- Fox News - Tech Talk

"I believe that wine temperature has profound impact on the taste of wine. Kelvin will unlock the door for you to the world of fine wine, and make you adore it even more."

- Takashi Kamikatahira - Senior Sommelier - Tokyo

"Sauvignon or Shiraz at the perfect temperature, the Kelvin Duo will wirelessly monitor the your wine, even if it is in the fridge"

- T3 Magazine - December 15 - UK

"The best wine thermometer on the market (by far!)"

- Chene Blue - Award winning winery - France

"Too often people drink white wines too cold and red wines too warm, limiting how much you can enjoy the wine. A white that’s too cold will be flavourless and a red that’s too warm is often flabby and alcoholic"

- Wine Enthusiast Magazine

5 stars - Excellent Product - a must for people who get that wine needs to be served at the right temp!

- Amazon Customer

5 stars - This was a Christmas present for my father and he loved it.

- Amazon Customer

“If your wine is too cold you won’t get any of the good stuff…..and if your wine is too hot it tastes like berries and sweaty laundry”


“When it comes to serving wine perfectly, temperature matters. If you change the temperature, you change the wine”


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