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2019 here we come!

2018, what an amazing year!

We’d love to say a massive thank-you to the rapidly growing Kelvin community all over the world.

We're looking forward to even more serious growth in 2019 and hoping to bring the gift of wine at the right temperature to as many people in the world as we can.  I think 'The Telegraph' summed up the Kelvin K2 quite nicely …

 “If you speak to an expert they’d tell you that drinking your wine at the right temperature completely changes the flavour.  This smart thermometer fits around your wine bottle and alerts you when it’s perfect to drink.”

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A wine journey down the (Margaret) River

Recently I have been hearing lots of interesting things on the grape vine (pun definitely intended) from wine influencers all...

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Whilst the type of grape largely determines the flavour, colour, sugar, acidity and the levels of tannin in wine there...

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Who knew? (We did).

Since coming up with the idea of Kelvin, we have had the ability to taste our wines at their intended...

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