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Kelvin Duo

Wine Monitor

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 The Kelvin Duo monitors the core temperature of your bottle, wherever it is, and uses a simple colour indicator to let you know the perfect time to enjoy your wine. K1 comes pre-programmed with temperature advice for all 10 wine styles (3 Red, 4 White, 2 Sparkling and Rose) and includes adjustment for personal preference and memory functionality .
For most wine drinkers the notion of serving 'chilled white wines' and red wines at 'room temperature' is a common generalisation, but the reality is that most serve their whites far too cold and their red wines far too warm which significantly affects the wines flavour profile and the drinkers enjoyment. 

The Kelvin Duo wireless wine thermometer has been designed to demystify the process of enjoying your wine with its best possible flavour.

Using a pre-programmed database of all 10 different wine styles and simple to understand colour indication the Kelvin will monitor your wine as it chills in the refrigerator.

Programming the Kelvin Duo could not be simpler, pressing the wine button will navigate the cursor around the circular dial until the desired wine style is selected. the Duo will give advice in the target temperature and start to flash an indicator colour.

Watch the video

To see how Kelvin can make serving your favourite wines at the perfect temperature both simple and fun, please watch our video here.

Simply attach the USB rechargeable clip to an exposed glass section your bottle and get an accurate reading of the wines temperature. The clip will send accurate temperature date to the receiver base a few times every minute.

The temperature of the wine will be shown on the receiver base.

  • If the LED back light is pulsing Red then the wine is too warm, place the bottle in the fridge to allow the wine to cool.
  • If the LED back light is pulsing Blue then the wine is too cold, place the bottle in a warm room and allow the temperature of the wine to rise.
  • If the LED back light is pulsing Green then the wine is in the target temperature zone and is ready to drink.

When using the Kelvin Duo we suggest that you place the wine in the fridge to cool, allow the display to just turn blue, then take the bottle out of the fridge.  As the temperature increases it will enter the green zone and stay in the ideal temperature zone for the longest time before having to re cool the wine (remember - as a rule all wines need to be chilled, yes even reds!)

Technical specifications:

  • Selectable between Celsius or Fahrenheit operation
  • Wireless transmission between bottle clip and receiver base
  • Range 10m open air, or 5m from inside fridge
  • 10 Pre-set wine categories with suggested optimum serving temperatures
  • +/- Adjustment of target temperature for personal preference
  • Transmitter clip fits bottles from 65mm to 90mm in diameter
  • 3 user defined memories locations to save favourite wine and temp settings
  • Large 38mm LCD display on receiver base
  • Blue, Green, Red LED pulsing display backlight
  • Luxury rubberised soft touch finish on display Unit
  • Temperature display accurate to less than +/-1°c
  • Magnetic feet to attached receiver base to fridge door
  • Display unit dimensions; width 78 x depth 78 x height 36mm
  • Power source; receiver unit 3 x AAA batteries, transmitter clip built in lion battery



World Patents pending.

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