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What's the big idea?

Making the best wine thermometer in the world did not just happen by accident. Like most great products an insight often follows having been exposed to a problem.

The creator of Kelvin; Steve Parker, once lived above a Majestic wine shop and as you might expect became a rather (happy) regular customer. Benefiting from the managers recommendations, Steve would try lots of different wines but was rather disappointed with a particular Chardonnay after the manager had strongly suggested Steve try it.

The managers response was instant; "What temperature did you serve it at?".

Steve was surprised by this question and automatically answered “from the Fridge of course, I left it overnight and drank it when it was really cold..”. It was at this point Steve received his first and most important lesson regarding enjoying wine and how temperature it can drastically affect the taste of any wine.

The manager explained that as a full white wine Chardonnay should ideally be served at around 10-12 degrees and not at around 5-6, which the fridge would cool it to. The aroma, body and flavour would all be affected and suppressed in this situation ('imagine eating frozen pizza' were his exact words).

Steve realised that most wine drinkers have two distinct temperature zones in their houses; room temperature and fridge temperature.

How could the average wine consumer chill their wine for the correct length of time to achieve the correct temperature?

And more importantly how would they know what the optimum temperature should be for the wine they were drinking?

In that moment the Kelvin Wine Thermometer range was born. At that point it was simply an idea, an idea that we could create a range of products that would bring benefit to other peoples lives by helping them experience their wine at the correct temperature (probably for the first time), just as the wine maker had intended.

When speaking to people, just average wine drinkers like you and I, it quickly became clear that most people stuck to the notion of ‘white wine from the fridge and red wine served at room temperature’. Although as a rule of thumb this was a reasonable assumption, it fell well short of delivering the best drinking experience for most wine drinkers.

Don't just take our word for it

Who are we? We’re solution designers, particularly in products that make a tangible difference to a person's day; and we love temperature. Of course, we make other stuff too, but we have a range of innovative temperature products for use across the whole age scale. From gently warning new parents that the risk of cot death has increased in their babies' nursery via a night light's soft glow, to flashing designs which draw attention to the dangerously cold temperature in an elderly person's own home (the most vulnerable to cold temperature and yet also the most unlikely to notice the temperature change). We also have waterproof thermometer designs to reduce the serious danger of scalding bath water for infants. Each of our designs does more than just read and display the temperature, it communicates it and makes sense of the temperature for the user and the application for which its being used. After all, what is 17°c? We can tell you it's perfect for a bottle of Shiraz or a baby's nursery but it's too cold for a bath or an old person's home. In each application 17°c is an altogether different proposition and our products let you know exactly what that means.
We know how to make thermometers and we’re pleased to say that we are well on our way to making our second million of them, which you can find across four continents. We’re very proud of the products we make and the contributions to the various problems we found that prompted them. Our Kelvin wine thermometer might not be the most serious product we’ve designed compared with some of the above, but with an estimated 31 billion bottles of wine opened annually (the vast majority of which are not served at an optimum temperature) we’re willing to bet we can help a few wine drinkers to enjoy their favourite wines, but don’t just take our word for it that wine temperature is important, ask the experts…..

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