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Wine Lover Gift

So what do you buy that person who loves their wine?

Introducing the Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Monitor,
the best gift a wine lover could get...


The worlds first smart wine monitor which works from inside the fridge! Ideal for IOS and Android phones to help the wine lover become the worlds best wine server.

A little bit of education goes a long way, their wine will never taste the same again.


They will be the envy of their friends. The app is packed with useful information about wine types, food pairing and serving hints.


Do you need more technical information? Read about the K2 in more depth here.


It's a thing of beauty

Order yours today for only £39.95, in just a few days they will be eternally grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity.



If you needed more reasons to buy the Kelvin K2 you can watch this short video below: